This protects the outside. Sleep protects what’s inside.


Seeking Victorian construction and

infrastructure workers


Monash University is working on an app to help workers sleep better. We need input to help us to make an app that works for you.


Complete a brief online survey on sleep and mental health and go into the draw to win a $100 voucher

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will see the information I provide and how will it be used?

Your information is confidential and will only be seen by the research team at Monash University. When we report the findings we will be careful not to include anything that will let people know who you are or where you work. We will also conduct interviews to get more information on how an app might help workers to improve their sleep.


Do I have to have a problem with my sleep or mental health?

No. We want to hear from everyone in the industry, no matter how you sleep. There are no personal questions about your sleep or mental health, but your participation can help to improve the sleep and mental health of workers in your industry.


What if I have more information about sleep and mental health in the industry that I want to talk about?

The research team is also conducting brief interviews with workers over the phone or Zoom. In recognition of your time, about 30 minutes, we will provide a $50 voucher. If you are interested, there is a section to complete within the survey or you can fill in the contact form below and a member of the research team will be in touch.

Contact Us

Thank you, a member of the research team will be in touch.